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Cloudten is a leading provider of luxury bedding to a young, professional audience. The products are ethically sourced Egyptian Cotton, and come with a 100 night trial. Between the work hustle and the daily bustle its easy to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and alone – even in the most populated cities. We’ve been there. And in the search for modern happiness we could share, there was always one place that brought us the closest we’d felt to nirvana – bed. Your bed is so much more than a place to engage in a physically necessary function. It’s a base away from the madness outside, a home for your late-night creative inspiration, and the only place to spend the day after a long night out. Yet for all our beds do for us, how do we return the favor? For a place we spend, on average, 1/3 of our time we don’t give our beds the due they deserve. That’s why we created cloudten – a family of sleep-loving, snooze button-smacking nap enthusiasts that we hope you’ll join