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Drogasil Coupons born in the heart of São Paulo, at Rua José Bonifácio, Drogasil began its history. On March 28, 1935, the first step was taken to create the company with the merger of two small groups of family pharmacies in the State of São Paulo: Drogaria Bráulio and Drogaria Brasil. Two years later, in 1937, he adopted the network concept by joining other drugstores: Amarante, Ypiranga, Morse, Orion, Sul América and Araújo. Always focused on good service, creating a relationship of trust with the client, little by little the network expanded its presence in the interior of São Paulo, reaching other states as well. Always innovative, a few years later, in 1977, the network opened the capital and thus took another important step: it was the first Brazilian pharmaceutical retailer to have its shares traded on the Stock Exchange