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Dr. Seltzer's Hardon Helper is an herbal supplement with no side effects. Herbal supplements do not fall under FDA regulation, but the product is made in an FDA approved facility. Products range from single pack to 12 pack. Hardon-On Helper is What the Name Suggests: It is an all-natural herbal formula designed to 'help" improve sexual performance. Many men cannot take prescription medication because of nauseating side-effects, and are actively seeking alternatives. Our product offers a true over the counter natural male enhancement supplement alternative to prescription meds like Viagra and Cialis that will deliver when needed most. There are no chemical sand no hidden ingredients. Dr. Seltzer is actually famous for developing a product called the Hangover Helper, one of the first ever hangover remedies to hit the market. After this, he retired to South America and began experimenting with various herbal remedies that could help with erectile dysfunction issues. After many years of consulting with local herbalists, Hardon Helper was born.