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RoamingMan mission is simply to increase your freedom and effectiveness to stay connected globally while traveling. We are aware that freedom in travel is priceless and should be accessible to everyone around the world at any point of their travels, and our vision is thus to make freedom of traveling to be universal. No more worries about expensive roaming fees, bill shock, locked phones, language barrier, hacking risk, or juggling among different local SIM cards. Meet the Roaming Man! I'm traveling a lot, for leisure, as well as for press trips. Travel Blogging is my livelihood and sharing content from the road is part of my job. We also seek to cut down your travel expenses. Deliberation from a monthly roaming data contract, roaming charges and expensive data rates while traveling, will not only result in big savings of your current expenses, but it will also bring you hassle-free experiences and more effective management of your data usage when traveling.